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Your wedding day is the most important/memorable day of your life. Count on Maxmac Executive Car Hire for reliable and luxurious transportation to all of your important wedding festivities.

Wedding cars for hire

If you’re looking for a wedding car hire company, look no more. is your ideal place. We specialize in classic and vintage cars as well as modern vehicles. We offer complete packages which include decorations such as ribbons or flowers on the exterior of the vehicle, water bottles, champagne glasses, candy boxes, umbrellas and more depending on your requirements. Additionally our executive cars are chauffeur-driven limousines for family members who need transport around town after the celebrations have taken place.

For those looking to add a special touch of luxury and sophistication to their wedding, there are many options available for hiring wedding cars. From classic limousines adorned in white ribbons and flowers, to sleek modern sports cars that glisten in the sun – finding the perfect car can make your day truly memorable. With so much variety on offer and experienced drivers who know how important this moment is – you will be sure to find something that meets all your needs for an unforgettable experience!

If you are looking for wedding cars for hire, we have a wide selection of options available. From classic vintage models to modern luxury vehicles, there is something to suit every budget and style. When choosing your vehicle, it is important to consider the number of passengers (including chauffeur) as well as any additional features such as extras like red carpets or decorations that may be necessary. Make sure that you check with ahead of time to ensure they have all the necessary requirements and extra services needed for your special day.

Our collection of luxury cars will give your wedding that extra touch of class and royalty. We put great attention to detail to give you that memorable experience. From a large wedding to an intimate low-key event for those close to you, count on us to meet your expectations.

We provide executive vehicles and chauffeur services for our clients. Our Rental Wedding Executive Vehicles includes;

  • Range Rover Sports Car Rental -Kes 60,000 for 12 Hours
  • Range Rover Vogue 2015 – Kes 60000 for 12 Hours.
  • 2016 Rolls Royce Phantom -Kes 150,000 for 12 Hours
  • 2016 Cadillac Escalade -Kes 100,000 for 12 Hours
  • Cadillac Escalade Rate is Kes 80,000 for 12 Hours
  • Toyota Prado 2018 -Kes 30,000 for 12 Hours.
  • Toyota Prado New Shape Nairobi -Kes 25,000 for 12 Hours.
  • MiniCooper Rates – Kes 20,000 for 12 Hours.
  • Toyota Alphard Executive- Kes 17,000 for 12 Hours.
  • LX 570 rates within Nairobi is Kes 80,000 for 12 Hours.
  • Audi Q7 Stretched Limousine -Kes 30,000 per hour Not less than 4 hrs
  • Range Rover Stretched Limousine -Kes 30,000 per hour Not less than 4 hrs
  • Range Rover Stretched Limousine – Kes 30,000 per hour Not less than 4 hrs
  • Hummer Stretched Limousine Wedding Cars-Kes 35,000 per hour Not less than 4 hrs
  • Chrysler Executive Saloon Car – Kes 40,000 for 12 Hrs
  • Lincoln New Shape Limousine- Kes 20,000 per hour Not less than 4 hrs.
  • Isuzu Limousine – Kes 12,000 per hour Not less than 4 hrs. Special Rate Within Nairobi Only @ 75,000 Full Day.
  • VX Streched Limousine- Kes 12,000 per hour Not less than 4 hrs. We have a special rate of 75,000 KES per day for 8 hours
  • MW Seven Series Sedan Car-Kes 50,000 for 12 Hrs
  • Mercedes Benz S320- Kes 40,000 for 12 Hrs.
  • Mercedes Benz S320 Black- Kes 80,000 for 12 Hrs.
  • New BMW Convertile 640i 2011 – Kes 40,000 for 12 Hours.
  • Volkswagen Beetle 2007- Kes 30,000 for 12 Hours.
  • Mercedes Benz E250 Car Rental -Kes 25,000 for 12 Hours.
  • BMW Convertile 630i 2007- Kes 45,000 for 12 Hours.

Our payment options are as below;

  • EFT/ RTGS .
  • Mpesa
  • Cheque; Must clear with the bank to confirm booking.

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