Toyota Prado is one of the most used cars for off-road safaris in Kenya since it is the most effective and affordable hardy cars even with dry weather roads. Its elegance also makes it an ideal vehicle for your wedding. comes in handy to offer you this and other cars for hire to make your road trip or wedding a success.

The Toyota Prado for hire ranks high among the luxury SUVs in the whole world, popular with top government officials, wealthy and upcoming businessmen. The four-wheel-drive is an impressive luxury class with a strong build and adaptability, making it a car for favourite for adventurers too.

The Toyota Prado has a strong engine for fast speed, hence reaching your destination in the shortest time possible. The cruise control feature means the car can maintain constant speed up and downhill. Our Toyota Prado are well maintained thus they are in good mechanical condition to offer you a very exciting experience during your trip.

The Toyota Prado has an extremely attractive exterior available in silver, black, and white colors. It is the ideal car for safari and weddings since its height serves you right for photography. The cabin has abundant headroom and legroom.

The interior has enough space for a group of travellers. it can comfortably accommodate five to seven passengers. There is dual-zone air conditioning and a CD audio system with four to six speakers keeping you entertained throughout your safari

The rate for hiring the car is twenty-five thousand Kenya shillings (kes 25,000) for 12 hours inclusive of fuel within Nairobi. You pay half the car rate for booking and the balance cleared seven days to the specific day of the event.

The payment methods include; cash, EFT/RTGS, Mpesa, card, or cheque, which must be cleared with the bank.

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Long Term Car Hire Kenya

The Landcruiser V8 and Toyota Prado are some of the most preferred vehicles for driving upcountry. These vehicles are all purpose and affordable to hire. In this case we offer discounted long-term rates for Prado 2011-2018 and Landcruiser V8 2011-2018.

Our long-term car hire rates are not fuel inclusive, we provide the car and the driver only. The rate is negotiable depending on area of use and duration of hire.

Daily Rates are.

  • Toyota Double Cab Pickup ________ Kes 13,000 per day chauffeur inclusive fuel not inclusive.
  • Toyota Landcruiser V8 ____________ Kes 35,000 per day Chauffeur inclusive fuel not inclusive.
  • Toyota Landcruiser Prado Hire Kenya__________Kes 20,000 per day Chauffeur inclusive fuel not inclusive.
  • Toyota Landcruiser Van ____________ Kes 20,000 per day Chauffeur inclusive fuel not inclusive.
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