Toyota Prado 2018. The most executiveOur rate for wedding and other executive transport within Nairobi is Kes 25,000 for 12 Hours.More

Toyota Landcruiser V8 2016 Long Bumper New

Kes 40,000 for 12 Hours


Land Rover Discovery
Kes 40,000 for 12 Hours


Chrysler Executive Sedan Car The car rate is Kes 40,000 for 12 hours.More


Range Rover Vogue Limousine.
The limousine rate is 30,000 per hour; not less than four hours.


Toyota Landcruiser V8 Executive Our rate is Kes 45,000 for 12 hours.Passenger capacity is 7 comfortably.White and black colors available More

New Shape Toyota Prado 2010-2013

Kes 30,000 for 12 Hours.


Land Rover Range Rover Sport


 Chrysler Limousine Wagon Black Top Classic limo, sedan and 3 door station wagon available. The limousine rate is kes 25,000 per hour NOT LESS than 4 hours


Isuzu Limousine _ Kes 12,000 per hour Not less than 4 hrs. Special Rate

Toyota Prado 2015- 2016Kes 25,000 for 12 Hours.More


Landcruiser Prado new shape 2016
Our rate within Nairobi is Kes 25,000 for 12 Hours


 2017 Lexus LX 570 LX 570 rates within Nairobi is Kes 80,000 for 12 Hours


Audi Q7 Stretched Limousine

The rate is 25,000 per hour minimum 10 hours.

Hummer Stretched Limousine We charge the limousine 12,000 per hour not less than 4 hours or a special rate of kes 75,000 for the whole day.

The rate for the hummer limousine is Kes 30,000 per Hour, Not less than 4 hours . Hummer Stretched Wedding Limousine More


Mercedez CLK 2007 convertible We charge the car Kes 30,000 for 12 hours.More

Mercedes Van New Shape BMW Seven Series Sedan More

Mini Cooper Wedding Car More

Toyota VX Stretched Limousine

VX Streched Limousine The Limousine rate is Kes 12,000 per hour More


Mercedes Benz e250/ e350 W212

Mercedes Benz E250 More


Volkwagen Beetle Convertible Wedding CarKes 30,000 for 12 Hours


BMW Convertible 630i Wedding Car. BMW Convertile 630i 2007 Kes 45,000 for 12 Hours.

2016 Executive Cadillac Our rate for the car is Kes 100,000 for 12 Hours More


BMW Convertible 640i

New BMW Convertible 640i 2011 More


2009 Mercedes Benz e Class More

1937 Rolls Royce Sedan De Ville Old Skool More


  • Price USD 1950 per hour. More

Wedding Motorbike Escort


Toyota Alphard Executive Van| Classic 7 Seater More

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